Meet your Board of Directors
And Office Staff

Autism Society Acadiana is operated by a compassionate community driven by parents, teachers, and individuals deeply engaged with the Autism Community of Acadiana. Founded and operated by those who have a personal connection to autism, our organization is fueled by a shared dedication to understanding, supporting, and empowering those impacted by autism.

We stand united, drawing from personal experiences and professional expertise to create a nurturing environment that fosters understanding, acceptance, and meaningful progress for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Together, we strive for a more inclusive and supportive world where every individual with autism can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Board President
Vanessa Lomas, MMT, MTBC

Board Vice President
Cherelle Williams

Board Treasurer
Shana Auzenne

Board Parliamentarian
Paul Ganucheau

Executive Board Members

Board Members

Advisory Board Members

Sylnita Livas-Bourgere M Ed

Tiffany Richard

Wanda Porter Johnson

J'Les Henry

Denise Auzenne

Ashton Cyprien

Office Staff

Office Manager
Kristin Cormier

Accounting / Webmaster
PJ Best