Kid Friendly Kuts

Kid-Friendly Kuts, is a new program from Autism Society Acadiana in conjunction with LaFamille Hair Salon and with cooperation from Allison LeBeouf, LOTR and Marsha LeGoullon, M.A., CCC-SLP,  of Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center and Joslyn McCoy, Ph.d, BCBA-D, of Family Behavioral Health.

The ongoing program will be limited to 4-5 families each month it is offered.  You MUST RSVP to reserve a space for you and your child to attend and reservations will be available on a first come, first serve basis. 

*Let us know especially if you would like your child to have a haircut that day.  We do recommend that for children who are very fearful, that you allow him or her to visit the salon a few times either by participating in the program without opting for a haircut, or dropping by the salon outside the program's scheduled dates and times prior to trying to get a haircut.  The goal is to make the children feel more comfortable with the whole process of visiting the salon and getting a haircut.
If you are curious about LaFamille Hair Salon, and the owners Tracy and Julie who are working to make this happen for our families, you have an open invitation from the salon to drop by anytime during business hours.  LaFamille Hair Salon is located at 2429 B West Congress St, Lafayette, LA 70506, and the phone number is (337) 232-8300.  Like them on Facebook to show your support for a business that is truly wanting to provide a pleasant experience for our children!

If you have any questions, please contact the Autism Society Acadiana office at (337) 235-4425 or via email.

Thank you again to Tracy and Julie, Marsha and Allison, and Dr. McCoy for their support of Autism Society Acadiana and our families!  And a very special thank you to Anne Dupuis and her son Ethan for being the inspiration behind the program!         




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