Applications, Forms and Guidelines
On this page you will find the forms, applications and guidelines for membership in Autism Society Acadiana and our various programs, such as our Mini-Grant Program, Educational Program and Recreational Stipend Program.



If you would like to become a member of Autism Society Acadiana, please print the membership application linked below and send it by postal mail to: Autism Society Acadiana, 3108 West Pinhook Road, Suite 101, Lafayette, LA 70508; or via email to; or by fax to 337-235-4427.
If you choose not to become a member, please remember you are still, always welcome at any local support group meeting just to receive information and support. However quite a few of our events are reserved for our members and families only, so please do consider becoming a member of Autism Society Acadiana.


2016 - 2017 Mini-Grant Program


*Note: you must be a member to participate in the mini-grant program. If you are not a current member, contact our office at 337-235-4425. Membership applications are available at our office or here on our website (click on the link right above this announcement).



Autism Society Acadiana offers assistance to our members and families who wish to attend a conference, procure a piece of therapeutic equipment or an assistive technology device for their child with an autism spectrum disorder. We provide this assistance through our Educational Stipend Program. The program is limited in scope to the amount of funding allotted through the budgeting process for the organization's operating and program budget for the fiscal year. The amount of funding for which a family is eligible is currently $300 per year.
We also provide assistance to families interested in having their child or children on the autism spectrum access recreational programs to encourage socialization. This program is the Recreational Stipend Program. The Recreational Stipend Program is also limited to the amount budgeted each year. The amount of funding per year that a family may access for their child or loved one with an autism spectrum disorder is presently $200 per person.

The Board of Directors recently voted to revise the stipend guidelines. Stipends will be awarded based on funds available and to active members who volunteer for Autism Society Acadiana sponsored events, or volunteer at the office or where needed.




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