A Walk in Our Shoes: Autism in Acadiana
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11/21/2014 2:38:30 PM
How do you feel the shoes of a giant?

That was the situation that faced us with the passing of our long-time Office Assistant Vickie Nettles. She meant so much to this organization and to the families we served. She was who we all contacted when we had questions about autism or just needed a sympathetic ear. She helped us to move the Autism Society forward by being available to make presentations to various groups and participate in community resource fairs. She was one of the main reasons that the Autism Society of Acadiana had grown so much. Her death left a huge hole in our chapter that could not be easily filled.

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4/6/2014 3:36:22 PM
If you enjoyed our 2014 Walk for Hope, join us on April 13th for a follow-up informational session to learn more about what we have to offer our community!
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